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South Kingston Partnership for Prevention – South Kingston, RI


Eileen Stone, coordinator of the South Kingston Partnership for Prevention, “didn’t know what to expect” after leaving the ATI Partner Summit in Washington, DC. She quickly found, however, that the ATI campaign, along with the ATI “Tag It” activity, was “relevant, easy, and effective.” Working with local high schools to implement the “Tag It” activity, Eileen reported that “our student assistant counselor was very moved (to tears) because she said these are the kids you never hear from, and they had a lot to say. In the discussions, the students kept using the word empowerment – they want to feel empowered and help others like them to feel empowered, they want to be recognized.” Eileen and her team also partnered with a local pizza restaurant to secure 70 boxes of pizza – in-kind donations – for help in supplementing food costs for students that participated in “Tag It.”

South Kingston teens portray their tag on being above blacking out.

Teens act out why they are above teen pregnancy.