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ATI Introduces Two New Activities for Prom & Graduation Season

With prom and graduation season approaching, teens are soaring with excitement and eager to celebrate these end-of-year moments free from all restraints.  But with so many celebrations, it is also a time of increased pressure to fall under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other risky behaviors.

To help teens “stay above” these pressure-filled moments, the “Above the Influence” campaign has launched two NEW youth activities designed to raise awareness of the added risks and challenges youth face during this time of the year:

“Picture It” engages teens in a discussion and a photo-sharing exercise that highlights the potential pressures and risks teens may face during their prom and graduation season. The activity asks them to thoughtfully reflect on what these events mean to them, and what they can do to live up to their own expectations of these celebrations.  The activity compels teens to be content creators by encouraging them to use “Above the Influence’s” Facebook page and Instagram as a national platform to share their thoughts and see how others are making safe and healthy choices.

D.Driver puts teens in the driver’s seat by using video games and real-life scenarios to help them gain a better understanding of the potential consequences of driving after using drugs and alcohol or while distracted.

You may view the playback of the instructional webinar the ATI Team hosted in April 2013, which offers guidance on how to successfully plan and implement these activities in your community.

To download the updated ATI Activities Toolkit that features “Picture It” and D.Driver, along with supporting materials, please go to the Resources section of the website.