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Above the Influence Week: October 20-24, 2014

This year, Above the Influence will be promoting a week-long series of different engagement activities for teens across the country.

Teens, although confronted with different types of influence and pressures every single day, have the ability to live Above the Influence – to understand those pressures, and be true to themselves. Celebrate their positive choice to stay above the influence and help them connect with their friends and peers throughout the week.

ATI Week 2014 Engagement Activities

Tag It!
The “Tag It!” activity aims to increase teens’ awareness of influences in their environment and how influences may prompt them to make decisions – positive and negative, healthy and unhealthy. The “Tag It!” activity also helps teens discuss ways to avoid drug use and other risky behaviors. “Tag It!” will be the main hands-on activity to push out with teens during ATI Week, with an emphasis on encouraging teens to participate on Tuesday, 10/21.

• ATI Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AbovetheInfluence
• ATI Website for teens: http://abovetheinfluence.com/
• Instagram Hashtags: #abovetheinfluence #ATIweek2014
• Instagram Handle: @abovetheinfluence

MONDAY: October 20, 2014
Teens know that there are influences all around them, both positive and negative – that play into their decision-making process. They also understand the role social media plays into the way their peers perceive them.

Today, encourage teens to take a positive picture of how they stay Above the Influence and post a “selfie” on their personal Instagram page. Let them know about the official ATI Week hashtags #abovetheinfluence and #ATIWeek2014 and that they can post their pictures to national Above the Influence Facebook page too!

Look out for photos/posts from the ATI team at Dome Shift 2014 in Springfield, IL!

TUESDAY: October 21, 2014
Download the Tag It! activity and ask teens to tell us what they’re above. Encourage teens to upload photos of their best tags on their personal Facebook pages to share the experience with their friends, and to the Above the Influence Facebook page to share with the larger ATI community. Use the official ATI Week hashtags #abovetheinfluence #ATIweek2014.

The ATI team will be at Dome Shift 2014 in Springfield, IL doing Tag It! with almost 300 teens! Join us and help teens connect with each other.

WEDNESDAY: October 22, 2014
Proud to be Above the Influence? Let teens know that they can change their Facebook profile picture to the ATI logo for the day. Logos will be available for free download starting on October 20th on the Above the Influence Tumblr page.

THURSDAY: October 23, 2014
“Speak for yourself. Live Above The Influence.” Ask teens to play the new Mouth game on the Above the Influence Facebook page and consider how they would react to the different pressures. They can share some of their thoughts on the Above the Influence Inspiration Wall.

You can also watch and share the new Mouth commercial and fun Mouth GIFs found on the Above the Influence Tumblr page.

Friday: October 24, 2014
Ask your teens what songs inspire them. What are they listening to that helps them stay Above the Influence? If you work with creative teens, encourage them to enter the “Teens Make Music” contest on the Above the Influence website. Their original work could get them out to Los Angeles for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards in February!

Ask them to share part of their submissions with us on the ATI Inspiration Wall