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NEW! Above the Influence Toolkit

The new Above the Influence (ATI) Toolkit enhances the existing ATI program efforts and furthers its goals with new individual and group activities that can help teens make healthier decisions, with the support of adults who value them. The new resource includes teen-informed activities that can be used with youth 12-17 years old across a variety of community settings to boost confidence, and prevent risk-taking behaviors, including alcohol and drug-abuse. A 10-minute video entitled “Not Prescribed”, is also a key feature of the toolkit and tells the four real life stories of families impacted by medicine abuse. Click on the “Not Prescribed” link on page 14 of the toolkit to view the video.

This turn-key toolkit includes a flexible Facilitator Guide with skill-building exercises about how to identify, handle and help friends through relatively normative teen stressors. Teen Activity Sheets are also included, and adults or peer-mentors can easily integrate some or all of the new activities in existing school, community group and faith-based programs. Facilitation tips are provided within the guide, and sessions can be customized according to the interests and needs of individual communities.

The activities in the Above the Influence Toolkit:

1. Help teens manage and deal with stress by identifying the pressures around them,
2. Equip teens with skills to avoid negative influences and make healthier choices for themselves through role playing and real life discussions
3. Help teens connect and help each other by offering tips and activities to practice effective communication and listening skills

The use and effectiveness of the Above the Influence Toolkit resources will be evaluated so that further refinements can be made and the most impactful program can be delivered to teens.


Download the new toolkit HERE